By Nordeon

  • Unique combination of both accent and ambient lighting in one design,
    great aesthetic fit between the light line and the spots: the drivers for the
    spots are 'hidden' inside the trunk
  • Easy to adapt the configuration of the light line when a changing layout
    of the environment requires this:
    – Flexibility to place general lighting units, sensors and lighting controls,
    emergency lighting units and blind covers at specific positions
    – The combination of trunk lengths up to 5,058 mm and the Nordeon
  • ClickFast system enables fast and easy installation
    Electrical units for three circuit lighting track systems (3C systems) and
    recessed version available

General Features for NORDEON BALDUR

 Increase of the attractiveness of the sales room

Perfect homogeneity for general lighting and real accents to highlight the merchandise

50% lower energy consumption compared to non LED solutions for general lighting and lower investment costs compared to “spots-only” solutions

Colour Configuration

3000 K / 4000 K / 6500 K

Optical Configuration

25° UNB (Ultra narrow beam)

32° NB (Narrow beam)

74° MB (Medium beam)

88° WB (Wide beam)

111° UWB (Ultra wide beam)

2X24° DA20 (Double asymmetrical)

2X40° DA40 (Double asymmetrical)

25° A (Asymmetrical wall washer)

96° O (Opal)

116° O-DI (Opal direct/indirect)

Power Consumption


5-year warranty

Ingress protection rating




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